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The Lines of Inzhar

The Inzhari have a five thousand year history of breeding with demons. This has led to the system of personal growth through expression of demonic traits. These powers are valued heavily by the powers that be and a peasant child born with obvious features would be removed and adopted into a noble house. Even the most chaotic of influences do breed true over time and the Inzhari are no different.

The Inzhari have spawned offshoot races with more or less common characteristics. The various lines of Inzhar are as follows:

Primum Pashan: The normal strain Inzhari--generally dark of hair and sallow of skin, with eyes that tend towards various shades of brown. Demonic expression is common amongst these folk and any sort of alteration in hue, feature or skin generally denotes a noble or upper class member of the society.

Dhavhi Faile: THese are a dark skinned variety of the Inzhari with thin features and coal black skin, light hair and eyes as a rule. The mistress of shadows is a Dhavhi Faile.  Populations of these folk have rumoured to have gone underground to form their own communities who worship the shadow rune instead of pure chaos,

Uhuchani: The winged lords. Viewed with great suspicion even though of noble lineage the Uhuchani generally remain aloof from the other kinds of Inzhari. 

Garthan: Pale skinned with red or white hair. These are an offshoot of naval personnel who fled north after the battle of the sand spire. They worship the chaos tainted fire rune. 

Iotani: Rarest of the Inzhari--the Iotani are giants in stature. Shunned by normal society most are drafted as shock troops for the army of Inzhar. 

Iuawi: A degenerate miniature form of Inzhari who have mutated to take on spider countenances and venoms. They hide in the dark places of the world as even their kind find them to be abominations to be killed on sight.

Other forms of the demons tainted are rumored to exist elsewhere in the hidden places of the world.