The Dark Empire-Scourge of the World

Major Cities: Inzhar 250, 000, Chotor-O-Shadda 150, 000,

Villayos 100,000, Szarmisal 100,000

Population: 2, 500, 000

Languages: Vulgate Inzhari, High Inzhari.

Religion: The Court of Misrule

Established: Established 2500 years prior by the pact of Emperor Kais Heroemane Xumede

Landmarks of note: Inzhar, The Temple of Khar, the Xumedan Arena, the Watercourse, the Statue of the Lords of Misrule, The Plaza of Triumphs, Foundation Stone

History: Inzhar was once a human empire of small note, one amongst many kingdoms and satrapies that sought pre-eminance many thousands of years ago. Over two thousand years ago the Red Prophet preached the power of the worship of the Court of Misrule to the first Emperor of Inzhar and convinced him to take a demon for his bride. Their offspring were the first of many. In time the ruling caste of Inzhar were those humans with enough demon blood to mark them as of diabolic nature and thus possessing links and powers from the court of misrule.  Then came a time of conquest—within one hundred years the Vir and Os, the Golani and the Olesk and Qual fell to the demonic might and the power of Inzhari legions. Within the next century open war with the Sukisien was begun –one that would last almost eight hundred years.  Influence was extended and by the second millennium—Inzhar ruled the known world. They ruled it harshly—with slaughter and good governing in unequal measure.  Those they did not subjugate instantly—were turned into client states paying exorbitant taxes and tribute to a more and more demonic royalty.

It was nine hundred years ago that the Prophet of Savar came to the disparate kingdoms and client states of the East and called upon them to throw off the yoke of the Court of Misrule and their earthly kin-so the empire of the servants of savar—the savarirem—began to find its feet.

In time they made allegiances with the Saghul, the Eson, the Sabur and Kurwane –seven hundred years ago they ambushed a fleet of Inzhar ships travelling to suppress a Sabur uprising on the Mar Savari-the bodies of legionaries were washing up on the shoals of the Sandspike for months.

That first defeat had the force of the empire turned to the east when the Sukisien aligned with the Free Macha, Sydenie and the Julinkansi struck overland at the heart of the Gol provinces.

Both fronts settled into a long and viscious war with the empire embattled on both fronts. Seven emperors were killed in this time. The fighting stretched on for centuries with neither side gaining or losing. Then the greatest general in the history of Izhar was born-Marus Heruimat, a prodigy and marked by the twin horns of the King of Misrule he savaged the Savarirem alliance to the east before throwing back the Sukisien alliance. All would have come to an end save that the Virossian knights under Veritatas struck across the bay of Izhar to the heart of the church destroying the source stone that provided Heruimat with his power from the God.

The alliances penned in the Inzhar but could not sack the main province—to many were slain—the cost was too high. In 500 years before the common time the reign of the greater Inzhar Empire was broken. However, not completely. Inzhar still controlled their own archipelago and kept the provinces of Gol and Greater Gol Imperata Annexus. The emperorship entrered into the age of the six lines—with six noble families claiming rule over the empire and each capturing and maintaining one of seven Cities. The Inzhar are still immensely powerful. Each City has at least one and most likely more than one 10, 000 man legion—a standing army of skill and power, a demi-god for an emperor and the high temples of Chaos on earth. The only thing keeping them from re-taking the world is the fact that they are too busy watching each other...

Ethnography: The Inzhar have a long history of breeding with demons. The higher the nobility the greater the potential  perversions within their bloodlines. The common folk may—due to the sexual rights and depravations of the Inzhar have some of the demonic taint in them. The base stock tended towards a medium height , dark haired and brown eyed phenotype. Now it is not unususal to see that type subtly altered to include any colour of hair or eyes. Some have altered skin or even nascent demonic features. Even the lowest of the Classes of Inzhar can be brought into the emperors family if they were to manifest a true demonic ability. Outside of the Cities the taint lessens considerably-reverting to the basal bloodtypes.

Geography: Inzhar is a vast rocky archipelago and isthmus covered with mixed trees and with terraced valleys. The sea –the Bay of Misrule is a turquoise blue and warm with small islands dotting the area entire. At the Central Isle –Irien where the City of Inzhar sits is dominated by an active but sleepy volcano called Haerun.

Fauna: The main area of Izhar is converted to agriculture and tamed. It has a huge population that resides in vast Cities but also with many in smaller villages or agricultural areas. As such cattle , sheep, domesticated fowl and fish on farms are common. Due to the pernicious influence of chaos on the area, the occasional creature shows up—eats a bunch of people and is then banished by the church. Additionally the arenas maintained in each major city and many smaller towns, pay a considerable amount for exotic species for the sands.

Economy: A once vast and still powerful empire the agriculture and trade by the Inzhar is limited when dealing officially with the former states, but there are others that will do business with them and smugglers and free traders from all lands will sell and buy goods at her ports. The main coin of Inzhar is the Bronze Scale. The silver is a Soldier and the gold is a Consul

Head of State: The Inzhar Empire is split seven ways presently.  Each line declares themselves the true leader of the empire.

Inzhar -Emperor Xeros Sarabane the Strong hold court

Narzhaba –Imperiatrix Yevosa Sarabani

Villayos –Emperor Dukhast Mero-Sarabane

Szarmisal –Szar Vanszar, Emperor of the City of Rivers

Chotor-O-Shadda Corvine--the Crow Emperor

Herixaris- Emperor Dianos Rubiristi, represented by steward-Xuris Rhun

The Necropolis of Mhardibath-The Black Emperor

Huldath--the Unclaimed Chair.

State Type: Autocratic Empire

Standard Arms: Plate, Short swords, spears and shields. Cavalry substitute longer swords.