Herbs and Drugs of the Known World
 (DND 5E: Medicine Rolls of 10 or Nature/Survival Rolls of 15 can find and sucessfully use these items. )


WHAT IT DOES: Cures a persistent stomach ache
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: When chewed, the flower of the agris plant helps with stomach ache and indigestion. Removes the poisoned condition.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Plant Lore: -20%, Herbalists

WHAT IT DOES: Disguises body odours, adds a glow to the skin and a sharp pleasant scent.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Piece of citrus, crushed in the palms, and the juice smearing on the body. (Adds +1 to Cha for an hour)
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Fruit seller.

WHAT IT DOES: Paralytic.
The first ingredient (root) is eaten as part of a meal. The second part (powdered leaf) is mixed in wine. Con Save 17 or paralyzed for and hour.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Doctor. Herbalist. 

Cyr Dimansi
WHAT IT DOES: Puts a person to sleep
White Powder. Miscible. Taken in liquid. CON save vs 15 or pass out. Sucessful save, gives the posioned condition.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalists. Doctors. Criminals.

 Dagath Root
WHAT IT DOES:Abrotificant
Expensive root. 50 gp per dose. Taken orally.
Con Save 5 or poisoned. D4 bleeding damage per hour.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Docotr, merchant, concubines.

Dragon Tea
WHAT IT DOES: Stimulant
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Recovers a Hit Die for healing without a short rest. Once per Long Rest.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalist. Wise woman. 

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Brings a feeling of euphoria and competency.Does the opposite. Disadvantage on all abiklity checks.

 WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Drug dealers in the worst sections of town

WHAT IT DOES: Assist in curing disease.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Leaves. Taken in tea. Gives advantage to resist disease for a single roll.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalist. Doctor.

WHAT IT DOES: antipoisoning agent

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: FLower. Crushed and smoked. Gives advantage in a single poison resistance roll 

WHAT IT DOES:Euphoric/Entheogen

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Jungle herb. Chewed. Grants 3 phantom hit points. Lowers wisdom by 4 for 3 hours. CON Save 10 to resist.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: A jungle herb from Dis and Abur

WHAT IT DOES: Renews stamina
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The root is chewed. Removed 1 level of exhustion condition.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalists, Fruit sellers

 Green or moldy hay
WHAT IT DOES: Incapcitate horses
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Green or moldy hay in the feed, downs every horse on your opponents' line.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Farms, ill-kept barns and stables


WHAT IT DOES: treats heart issues. Invigorates.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Nettles and root mixed with boiling water. Gives advantage to CON saves for an hour.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Rare. Herbalists. 

 Kleddi Weed

WHAT IT DOES: Causes euphoria
Weaker, nastier version of kanbasi, it is highly addictive.
The pungent and sickly smoke is used by the poor when they don't have money for the more expensive kanbasi - CON save vs 8 of vomit. Incapacitated for 2 hours.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Dreg dealers, poorer streets and taverns.

Makes you feel young and brave, and can make fighters want to kill.
A judicious amount of kanbasi - the domestic kind - will keep you alert.
Makes horrible things bearable, helps against pain and dispair.
Too much kanbasi makes you "stoned" and intensive use causes addicion.
Smoking it, is the  custom.
Mixing it with other drugs mades it sink into the blood directly through the skin. The effects were greater, and less predictable.
Little piles of powder can be snortted directly into the nostrils, or from kanbasi poured into a clenched fist where thumb muscles make a well.
Abur's finest, pure black, unadulterated Kanbasi can be identified as an ebony block Embossed (pressed) all over its surface with its foreign seal -
Melt it with water over a flame, cool it, and drink the viscous liquid.
A special kanbasi derivative which will enhance and heighten artistic senses, though will dull practical perspective can be brewed with hot water.
When shipped, it is often hidden inside blocks of cheese or in specially-molded claypots with fake bottoms.
Usually carried on a person in a small bag made of pig's intestine or little snuff boxes.

+1 to Str, Con and Dex for an hour. -3 to wisdom. Grants resistance to bludgeoning weapons for the same period. CON save vs 10 or poisoned condition for 1 day following.

The best Black kanbasi comes from Abur, via ships & caravans. Dealers include fail cavar, Streetwise/Drug Dealer, The domestic version can be bought in most inns or from street dealers.

 Mandrake Root
WHAT IT DOES: Cures impotence. Poison.

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A root shaped like a man. A small dose adds +1 to COn for an hour. Herbalism roll is a must to get the right potency. A failure means it is a poisonous does. CON save vs 14 or take d6 damage per half hour until a sucessful save is made.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalists, witches, doctors.

WHAT IT DOES: Helps a pain in the chest
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The root of the dark melles is eaten and swallowed - costs one small Rankan gold piece.

WHAT IT DOES: Allows for the direct transfer of magic for hit points.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The Menkhare leaves are brewed into a tea that is drunk cold after steeping.  Allows a spell slot to be changed into d6 hitpoints. Eating the raw root will supress magical ability for 1d6 days.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: This is incredibly rare. Costs involved are up to 100 gold per dose if it is available for sale.

 Mixed Sanifry
WHAT IT DOES: Purges the stomach
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Herbs produce a series of regurgitations which help if served poisoned food.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Herbalist. Doctor.  

DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Monkshood is a virulent poison. COn save 15 or 1d8 damage per hour.


WHAT IT DOES: Love potion - while usually distilled into an expensive qualis liqueur, the extract of qualis-berry can be made into a aphrodisiac potion. Lowers the wisdom of the drinker by 5. Adds +2 to the CHA of others.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: It is quite difficult to mix and the ingredients hard to source

WHAT IT DOES: Causes skin rash
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A particular foliage which exudes an irritating oil that will cause the skin to itch and bum. COn save vs 8 or disadvantage on all DEX checks.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Whereever weeds grow

WHAT IT DOES: Relaxation
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A quantity of sweet-smelling, dry leaf herbs is rolled into a reddish leaf, and lit and produces sweet and greyish smoke. Gives advantage to one intelligence roll per long rest.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Abur, Herbalists

WHAT IT DOES: Spider repellent
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Rub the ointment on you. The ointment should repulse most real spiders. Con save vs 17 or the spider has the frightened condition)
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Rare. Herbalist. Sage.

WHAT IT DOES: Truth serum
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: A herb that can be mixed with wine takes weeks to distill. Wisdom save vs 18 or must speak truth to direct questions.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT: herbalists, priests

WHAT IT DOES: Cures persistent headaches
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: The stamen of a rare flower.

 Subanding Wark flower
WHAT IT DOES: Drug used to subdue slaves (and others)
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Red flower. Can be mixed with kanbasi or in food. grants disadvantage to all wisdom or intelligence rolls per day. Wisdom Save vs 14.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Inzhar, Herbalists

WHAT IT DOES: Stops sepsis, helps coagulate blood.
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: plaster on wound. Leaves and stems mixed with alcohol. gives advantage to one death save from piercing or slashing weapons.

WHERE DO YOU GET IT:  Herbalists

 Venom : Various
WHAT IT DOES: Many uses
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Correctly prepared it can either be an instant poison or a powerful stimulant.
WHERE DO YOU GET IT: snakes, scorpions, centipedes, spiders, fish, dragons.

 Yarra root
WHAT IT DOES: Wound pain killer
DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: Yarrow root shaved into a wound quells its pain. Reomved disadvantage due to pain or wounds. Cures d4 hit points.

 Zax Lotus

WHAT IT DOES: A spiritually enhancing pollen-trades 1d8 hit points for a single spell slot level when taken. Can kill quite easily if given to a wounded man.

 DESCRIPTION / DIRECTIONS: snort it or dissolve it on the gums. WHERE DO YOU GET IT: Extremely rare. On the order of 100 gold per dose.