The High Desert

Major Cities: none

Population: 10 000 nomads

Languages: Helmi, Sukien

Religion: Balance: Fire/Water/Wind/Beast, Some Chaos

Established: No establishment

Landmarks of note: The Hammer of Fools, Mash Kunagari

History: It has a smattering of savage nomad tribes who are not at the top of the food chain in that part of the world. It is a place of legendary harshness and one of the great unknown corners of the world. It is unknown when the Helmai arrived—though they insist that they are the survivors of a vast empire that predated the Inzhari until the gods cast them low.

Ethnography: The Haelmai Nomads are a savage race akin to the Sukisien. Of middling height, they are tough and spare. Dark hair and blue eyes are the norm. The tribes consist of bands of hunters who raise ponies and alticamelus. They have also domesticated a long rangy hunting cat called the Ourcha. These cougar sized beasts are loyal and exceptionally fast hunters. Helmai may take prisoners but are more than likely to just kill the hell out of anyone who comes into their lands—unless the cost appears to be too high. The tribes meet once a year at a strange bowl of rock in the southern part of the desert for trade and religious functions.  This is the mash Kunagari.

Geography: The Haelmasar is a vast high altitude desert cupped between the southern Ward Mountain range and the Sukisien Range to the south. It is dry with freezing nights and exceptionally hot days.

Fauna: There are legends of a race of insect warriors that feed upon men and have tamed giant insects as steeds—there is no verification—the other fauna consists of hardy ponies, alticamelus and Ourcha.  Aside from that are the sand tigers—not cats but actually a kind of carnivorous plant that opens a bladelike maw to the desert and spined tentacles that capture prey that wanders too close.

Economy:  Raiding and subsistence agriculture

Head of State: There is no state—the toughest bastard in the group is usually the leader.

State Type: None

Standard Arms: Short bow, sabre, spear. Hide and leather armour is regular—but some have legacy sukisien chain or scale, metal helms are valued.