The Last Province of Inzhar



Major Cities: Masail 100,000, Perikun 50,000, Tolken 25,000

Population: 1, 000, 000

Languages: Vulgate Inzhari, Golish, Old Golish

Religion: The Pantheon of Chaos, The Balance

Established: 2100 years previous by conquest by Inzhar

Landmarks of note: The Plains of Gol, The Token Wood,

Puris on Mar

History: The Gol is the term used by the Inzhar to describe

the tribes that populated the great grassland area and

forest around the lake to the south if the Inzhari peninsula.

They were the first folk conquered and administered by the Inzhar Empire under Xuris. In turnand in time the various people became known as the Gol, the Inzhari word for barbarian. Lower Gol became a breadbasket for the Empire and Gol Superior followed after with ricvh grasslands providing an inexhaustible amount of grain and livestock. Unlike the rest of the world the Gol have not freed themselves from the Inzhar, their population interbreed and well settled they provide much of the legion troops and are satisfied to be the last provinces of a once great Empire.

Ethnography: The Gol are a race of bronze age tirbes who have been elevated over a thousand years to be iron age provincials of a great empire. Gol superior is more untamed, with the old ways of the balance holding sway in rural areas, though nominally the court of misrule still holds. In the North he more civilized areas of Lower Gol are fifty percent Inzhar and fifty percent mixed Gol. They tend to middling size, hair ranging from brown to black and any colour of eyes. Their skin is paler than the inzhari as a rule. They are still clannish viewing loyalty to kin and family as important. They tend to dress in woven tweeds, kilts and scaled armour and prefer the spear and axe to the sword.

Geography: Gol is vast. It covers a range from the huge deciduopus forests of the south and the north broken in half by a vast grassland, literally a sea of open flat land. The Horse of Gol are considered the strongest and fastest in the world. Some of the Gol superior tribes are nomadic, keeping to the old ways. The Mar Puris is a huge freshwater sea that is home to the incredible Puris on Mar a vast wooden City built out over two miles into the lake and housing 15, 000 souls.

Fauna: To the north the forests are largely tamed though bears, lions and Wolves are still a threat. The plains are so vast that they could not but have legendary beasts rumoured to exist in them—the great land dragons and cave lions. To the south the token wood is an immense redwood forest with huge tracts of unknown and trackless lands—who knows what exists there.

Economy: Gol is the bank for Inzhar. It’s agriculture and natural products are seemingly indefatigable. They use the Inzhari coinage but due to the central location between east and wet—any kind of coinage can be seen. There are mines in a great many places and the bounty of the Puris Mar is the riches freshwater fishing in the known world.

Head of State: Governor Praxis Amanar—Lower Gol, Military Legate Sakrist Orm—Gol Superior.

State Type: Imperial Province

Standard Arms: Axe and Spear or standard Imperial accoutrement in Lower Gol.