The Bloody First Days

After the ambush on the Blackwater Maid, the Suk moved to gather some information as to the reason for the fight.


Uncovering the fact that the assassins were of the Sisterhood of Udun, a semi-legendary cadre of assassin nuns, he met briefly with the Shadowan of Delphine. ; the head of his guild in Delphine and one who informed him that he and his crew were marked for death via an open contract.


Arawn struck up a conversation with a Cor smith called Bedrach, a master of his craft, he made a gift to the mighty fighter of his signal work. A great sword crafted with superlative skill. Declaring that it chose him, the smith waived the 5000 large bronze cost for the item and put into Arawn’s hands.


The payment was an incredible 2 gold per head or 800 large bronze. This would be the net gain of a townsman for two years worth of labour.


Davreit was attacked on the docks by three men, escaping by invoking his runic emblem and leaping along the crates to escape into the crowd.


While Kaelus studied spell books below deck , finally learning the spells Moonrise and Healing Trance,  Petr, the Suk and Arawn happened upon a young girl being brutally beaten in an alley way.


Petr, jumped to the attack which was an ambush of no small skill.


Crossbow bolts hummed and snapped in the confines of the alleyway. The Suk and Arawn who followed found themselves hemmed in from behind.


Always a man of action Arawn stormed through the door to get to the men on the roof firing bolts from above.


The Suk engaged the two men who came from behind, taking a serious wound with a bolt through the back.


Petr, though blind, took the fight to the men, surrounded on three sides by fighters he began dispatching them with something like his previous skill.


Arawn, took a bolt to the chest before cutting one man down. Then, leaping across to the other roof, while batting a bolt aside, quartered the last ambusher with two strokes of the great sword.


In the end, the wounded girl, called Luna, was taken back to the Blackwater Maid.


In a move through town, two ambushed were detected and broken by the Shadowan, who moved to preserve the men.


Kaelus was assaulted outside of the Smiths shop by two street punks who died in short order with cut throats.


The smith having been assaulted gave Kaelus back his fathers harpoon, repaired, and gave a blank knife to Arawn. A work for a son dead two years from pox. He then asked them to leave as he had been assaulted for simply knowing the crew.


Tracking down the poster maker who had drafted and placed the reward posters, the crew intimidated the man into revealing who had the work drafted.


It was revealed that it was the ambassador of Gol in Delphine, a man by the name of Cursos Morvar; a powerful man with an honour guard of twenty Inzhari Dragons.


Approaching the guards for assistance they were told that exiting the town for the near future was not a bad idea.


Heading back to the boat, the report from the crew was that they had been assaulted too.


Heading offshore for three days they were pursued by a craft which dropped a boat and met the crew on a small wind-tossed rock protruding from the ocean north of Delphine.


The Hellions, a mercenary band, had taken the contract, and their leader, Caius, and ex-dragon, challenged the group to combat sparing the crews.


In a swift and bloody battle, Hralmane’s Ranger’s defeated the mercenaries, but not before Petr had both regained his eyesight and taken a crippling wound to his left leg.