Land of Fire and Death

Major Cities: Bloodforge 15, 000, Gabule 10, 000, Kast 8, 500

Population: 250, 000

Languages: Syden, Vulgate Inzhar

Religion: The executioner, Lord of Swords and the Fire Rune

Established: Conquest and Conversion 500 y.a.

Landmarks of note: The Inner Sea, The Fire Mount

History: Gartha was part of the Sydenie ethnic land when it was invaded and forcibly converted to the worship of Chaos by the remnants of Admiral Shandar Coroniz after the battle of the Sandspike. The Admiral and his marines slew the high chief and set themselves up as the masters of the volcanic and inhospitable land. Now it is a true theocracy with the Admirals offspring as high priests and ministers- the Worship is of Chaos and fire in equal measure here.

Ethnography: The Garda are tall and very strong. They tend to almost white hair and pale eyes and dress in blackened leather. They fight hard and are doughty warriors—in a few generations they have moved from a simple agricultural subsistence way of life to building cities of huge stones and monuments to dark and harmful gods. The power of the priests is absolute and this once harsh but free people have become proponents of the vilest practices of human sacrifice and bloodsport. Gartha Women are always veiled in public.

Geography: Gartha is a nation surrounding a vast circular salt sea. Around the edge of this sea are a number of active volcanoes that keep the water warmer than the outer ocean, the boreal forest and high mountains set the harsh land into relief against the domination of the fiery tops of the volcanoes—one cannot escape their influence here.

Fauna: The Gartha import and capture the most vicious and savage animals for their arenas. They also natively have—huge black and white striped bears, massive sabre toothed cats and huge Elk. The waters of the Inner Sea teem with life of a most noisome and unsavoury sort.

Economy: Fishing , farming and Piracy it is closed to any trade except with Inzhar upon pain of enslavement and death.

Head of State:  Heirophant Arganimis Coroniz

State Type: Complete theocracy.

Standard Arms: Studded leather and curved one handed swords. Flaming spikes are a common motif as is any kind of serration.