Free Macha
The Free Barbarian States

Major Cities: Helmguard 5,000

Population: 50,000

Languages: Gol, Vulgate Inzhar

Religion: Runes

Established: Free tribes for as long as recorded.

Landmarks of note: Helmguard

History: Free macha is populated by a semi-nomadic group of Gol who have never fallen to outside forces—even the Inzhar found them more trouble than worth. They have one central authority which is the priesthood of Nonc –a druidic discipline that travels throughout the Free Macha and provides spiritual services and advice.

Ethnography: The Macha are the Gol as they once were, before being enslaved...fierce horsemen and warriors, each Chief is a king of his own land—that land being where he sets his stakes. The Macha are fractuous at times but have a deep respect for the power and wisdom of their Nonc—in times of greatest danger all Macha will retreat to the Helmsguard –a huge and ancient fortress set on a spit of land between two lakes that is nearly impregnable and impossible to starve out. The macha have updated their weapons and armour from bronze at this point. They are the finest horsemen in the known world riding some of the finest horses.

Geography: Free Macha is a vast plain dotted here and there with Acacia and copses of green. To the north a pair of vast lakes-the Lake of the Dawn and the Lake of Dusk are bisected by a narrow strip of land that has a huge fortress set into a rock rise—the helmguard.

Fauna: The horse is the dominant animal in the free macha. There are some bison and wolly rhino as well as cave lions of huge size.

Economy: Nomadic and semi settled hunting and gathering with limited agriculture.

Head of State:  None-each greater clan has a chief-the closet thing to a ruler would be the High Nonc –Oro Samael

State Type: Multiple Meritocratic Chieftaincies.

Standard Arms: Leather. Spear and axe are favoured.