The Land of A Thousand Temples

Major Cities: Hanwar 105, 000,  Ponakaya 65,000

Population: 400, 000

Languages: Idenic, Esonic, Vulgate Inzhar

Religion: Church of Savar-Strict Adherent

Established: 1800 years previous by conquest by Inzhar, freed 500 YBP by Savarid, Declared Independence in 450.

Landmarks of note: The Mountain of Ascension, The Tarkoleum.

History: The Eson are an old race tracing their bloodlines to the first dark ones in the demon time. They have been conquered but never really absorbed—even the Savarid dynasties and Inzhari pushes never really made a mark on the population. The Eson have always been part of the Savarid orbit. Though in the past they were balance worshipping monument builders and sea kings. The interior mountain ranges if Eson are very high and dotted with Monastic retreats. One of the highest mountains there is the Mount of Ascension a huge mass of rock that towers over the others on the range. A staircase has been cut into the mountain that rises up to the peak. It is an extremely difficult climb-many who attempt it die trying. The steps are incredibly steep. They are slick in some areas, covered in ice. There is not water nor foods available save that which is carried with --but those who do gain 20 points of law. They fought the Inzhari on the oceans and were invaded once. They are good sailors and boat makers, generally indifferent horsemen. They are renowned for having their countrymen serve as the personal guard of the Inzhari Emperor Fidockre—and now serve as body guards to the Savarid Emperor Khalin A Shanzee.

Ethnography: The Esonites are people descended directly from the first dark peoples—therefore they are closely related to the Qualis in blood –though their cultures have widely diverged. They are also of the same type as the Kurwandi—though the Kurwandi are more worshippers of the balance than law and ever were.  They are a tall people, but tend to slenderness, with dark hair and dusky skin. They value the words of their elders as law and their system of government juxtaposes a council of elders against the Savarid related governor. They are a contemplative people but can be intractable and fiery foes when pushed to it. The Esoni know and teach unarmed weapon techniques and have the best hand to hand fighters in the known world.

Geography: Eson has a wet cool shore where it faces the Sea of Good Favour and the Savar Wrack. The land is largely plains and wet coastal forest rising up to extremely high mountains.  There is one major City and a number of smaller towns linked by a series of old stone roads. To the south the mountain passes are dotted with lamaseries and temples—some –most –abandoned.

Fauna: The Mountain passes are remote and have room for many legendary creatures to live there. Legends of monks facing off and fighting ogres and giants are common. There are also reliable records of dragon sightings in the less populated areas. Along the coast the wild cat holds the apex predator position with goats and mountain sheep the main grazers.

Economy: Eson is a poorer country—there is a large lack of arable land, but ample mineral reserves. As you can’t eat mineral reserves the trade is less in Eson’s favour than for the Savarids. They are not destitute however, they use the coinage of the Savarid Empire.

Head of State: Prince Toordanat Nad Shanzee-Maha

State Type: Feudal Kingdom

Standard Arms: Broadsword, Small shield, knives and spears are common. Leather and half plate are the armour types most represented. In truth almost any weapon can be found here.

Names: (male) Abinda, Cerendat, Denma-shan, Heru, Maata, Nobu, Pranar, Rhandu, Soka, Toordinat; Ushang, Wodishan, Yoka, Zan

(female) Aka, Bedine, Dox. Enka, Mehire, Namane, Tantar, Veshine