The Jungle Continent

Major Cities: Dis 75,000

Population: 150,000

Languages: Vulgate Inzhari

Religion: Pantheon of Misrule

Established: 8000 years, 2000 ybp conquered and devastated by the Inzhari.

Landmarks of note: Dis the Ancient.

History:  Dis is home to the oldest empire in the Known World. It was a thriving sea kingdom and master of many lands in the interior as well as had complete control of the Ingen strait. It was the very first challenge for the Inzhari Empire and it took the blood pact to beat hem. And beat them they did—what was once a thriving empire with millions of people was devastated and reduced to barely 100,000. Dis hasn’t really recovered largely because Inzhar wouldn’t let them and they took to sacrificing huge numbers of their own people on pyres to the court of misrule. It hasn’t helped. Now the land has been reclaimed by the jungles. The people smoke and drug themselves into  oblivion and each ruler sits but lightly on the red throne—for killing their leaders in bloody coups seems to be the new past time.

Ethnography: The Dis are related to the Dark Peoples—but have had a huge blood input by a race very much like the Saghul and are far darker. Ranging form a copper to a dusky brown. Their hair is black but can turn silver early. They are a cruel race now sated and broken and looking to their past instead of the future. Dis is decaying and her people are given over to whatever debauchery or pastime they can.

Geography: Dis was once a cultivated land—now it has been reclaimed by the jungle. The poorest of the folk gather food and tend the orchards and fields and do their best to stay out of the way of the higher ups.

Fauna: Jungle standard—though there are strange rumours of carnivorous semi –human folk deep in the jungles. Huge snakes, great cats, beasts of all kinds are here.

Economy: Once a mighty Empire Dis is now a demon haunted frontier. A new and decadent society is living in the ruins of a once greater one and a much richer one at that. The jungles have however given up treasures undreamt of and while Dis on the whole is a poor country—individually he ruling class includes individuals with more monetary wealth than anyone else in the Known World with the exception of the royals of Inzhar, Savar and Abur. Coins of all nations and vintages pour in the City of Dis the ancient...gold in every kind of minting, gems in huge numbers—treasure for the few. In Dis the Ancient the great trading quarter is the only part of the once great city that still holds anything near its prior glory...

Head of State: Disirius Gorang Baatari, Former Governor and ruler of Greater Dis, Agkar Aquitabing the Head of the Disting (The Eight Ruling Houses of the Distingen)

State Type: Decaying ex-province of the Empire of Inzhar.

Standard Arms: Axes, maces, spears, knives, self-bows and short swords. Armour is bone, leather and brass.

Names: (Male) Agkar, Bateletl, Erkinga, Foshang, Gorang, Hakka, Jagaar, Nobaat, Orisius, Quirus, Rabaan, Sekaltat, Tanta, Uknal

(female) Azantel, Cofamel, Erumel, inkimel, Mymeel. Omel, Verimel, Xerumeel, Zethintumel