Davreit va D'Vinca
Terry Sargeant



A tall impeccably dressed Sakhan with dark hair with a dyed red streak in it-a sigh of atonement in Sakha Culture and piercing blue eyes.


Davreit wears an ornate breastplate and guards and bears two finely crafted Sakha war rapiers.

Plate Armour



The Sakha Duchies



Born in the Sakha Duchy of D'Vinca, Davreit, a second son of a moderately well off Trading House, lived an early life of dissolution spending his fathers coin without materially adding to his wealth. In short order the Young man had developed a reputation as a hard drinker and an exeptional blade using the uniquley Sakhan war rapier. Before leaving his palce in the dives of Vinca, he had managed to rack up a string of victories in the frequent duels that resulted from his debauchery, wounding many and killing at least ten in open combat. It is unclear when this behaviour ended;however, it can almost vertainly be ascribed to the introduction of a young woman of another Trading House of Vinca, named Aviella. Smitten by the girl Davreit began to turn his life around significantly as his previous behaviour made him less than suitable as a match for the girl.

Disaster struck when in the following year, the girl was betrothed to a mysterious suitor. Enraged Davreit challenged the suitor sight unseen to a combat to the death in the round of Vinca.

The suitor turned out to be his older brother Mandoval. Heartbroken by the turn of events, Davreit broke the code of the ring, casting shame upon his name and immediately joined the Iron Guild and took ship out of Sakha for parts unknown.

Joining Hralmane's Rangers, a free company while hiring in Oleskant, Davreit found a place that, if it was not home, then was enough for his wounded soul.

Hralmane's death has affected him significantly, though he has schooled himself not to demonstrate it, channelling the fury at the unfairness of life, into more and more deadly combat.

 After taking part in the routing of the Pirates of Skierry, Davreit has come into the possession of a strange sylized lion shaped belt buckle. It seems to have some great , though undiscovered power.

At present Davreit is now half ownder and manager of a trading concern started with the surviving vessels of the Skierry Pirates.

He is also now travelling with a companion, Janissa Morwand.