Creatures of Legend


The Gryphon are apex predators of the Mountain ranges of the East and are rare but known in the high passes of Corack. They prefer horseflesh over anything else and are savage unremitting combatants. Gryphons fight to the death.



The Dragon is the heradic animal of Inzhar. In times past juvenile beasts were used as steeds for the high nobility. Now there are few, and those are reserved for certain of the emperors at present. They are swift, massive beasts with sword long claws and a powerful bite, but it is the flaming venom the spew that makes them truly awe inspiring.

Land Shark

Present both in the Helmash and the Saghul deserts the land shark is actually a reptile that lives a greater portion of its life underground ambushing prey and consuming with massive outsized jaws. Thye average ten feet long and weigh up to two tons. Their skin is heavily armoured able to turn most sword strokes with ease. 



A lion sized predator with membranous wings and almost human intelligence the manticore alos possesses a poisonous sting that paralyzes its prey. They cannot speak, but can mimic sounds perfectly, luring people into an ambush.