The Death of Dragons

ALong the road to the Greenwalk and the Village of Aberfoyle, the Ranger's were ambushed by 17 Inzhari Dragons--the shock troops of the empire. Each bore a two handed sword and plate armour of the highest design. Each was a sorcerer consecrated to Harn the Executioner and they were lead by both Cursos Morvan--Ambassador of Gol and their battle leader--Chain Shaida.

The BLessing of Udun allowed Petr to detect the ambush beforehand, allowing Kaelus and the Shadow Man to cast their spells. Armoured and with weapon magics they moved cautiously towards the position.Four dragons in hiding at the top of the incline leading to the position dropped a log fall down the path causing the party to scatter.

They regrouped and moved into the breach.

However, Cursos Morvan, was also a sorcerer of some note and teleported himself, two dragons and Chain Shaida behind the party.

Petr turned to meet the assault from behind along with the Priest, Garrett Hawn.

The others massed into the breach ot prevent the rest fo the dragons from entering the fray.

The Shadow Man turned himself invisible and moved backwards to provide assistance to Petr and the Priest.

Kaelus of Thunark lured a line of four crossbow weilding dragons from the fray by stealthing his way around the massed forces.

Arawn of Corack and Davreit took the wedge and back to back , flanked by a boulder met the main force of the Inzhari group.

During the first clash at the rear, Petr of Fjordhouse took a crippling blow from one of the Dragons. The Greatsword hammered through his bereastplate and spilt skin down to the ribs, before cutting deeply into his flank.

Bleeding and crippled, he faced down two opponents, ne of which was the twin battle axe weilding captain of the guard.

Arawn and Davreit found themselves pressed back to the rock face, ringed bout wuith three fighters each, their actions were a song of steel upon steel. Only the ensorcelled armour prevented their deaths in the first rush, the shadow mans charms and kaelus' amplification of their speed and toughness saw them through the initial charge.

Kaelus himslef led the others away through the bush, dropping over the low rise and skirting through the trees-keep in their attention away from the beset pair on the middle slope.

The shadowman moved to assist the priest--assaulted by Cursos Movan and a Dragon. Peter, choking on his own blood, fought as only the greatest swordman on the planet can fight when he knowns he has but minutes to live.

In the end it was the use of a magic ring--the crown of savar that turned the tide for Petr. The priest--Garrett used the last of his power to heal the wounded knight, and he dispatched Shaida and Morvan in a flurry of strokes.

Kaelus and the Shadow man took care of the remaining Dragons at the rear while Davreit and Arawn fought an army on their own.

Completely ringed about with swords and a mound of the dead, the two began to take wounds as their magic armour began to fail. More and more steel bit through desperate defense. Limbs began to tire. Footing slipped.

Realizing they were about to die, both me  redoubled their efforts. Masterful blows pierced ensorcelled armour.

Davreit defending his front and flank with ringing figure eight motions, while striking at the Dragon who stood above him raining shots down upon his helm.

Arawn curned the great battle blade in windmilling patters that merged parry and strike, battering through defneses to sunder the finest armour in the Known World.

In the end they maintained until the rest of the Rangers could take the Dragons in the flank. Most of the battle already won. Kaelus putting a final coda on the battle with his harpoon through the last remaining straggler.

Exhausted, wounded and bleeding--the crew limped away from their hardest fought battle to date.