A Genesis in Treachery
Episode 1

Kaelus, Cyr Petr of Fjordhouse, Davreit D'Vinca and Gniall of Sydenie-mercenaries with the free company known as Hralman's Rangers, were Hired by the Duke of Perkat, a swampy baronetcy in the country of Virossus to defend his lands against the depredations of the Earl of Garth, a holding four times the size of Perkat and yet without the formers excellent deep water port.

Treachery ensued when Cyr Kartickan, one of the Baron of Perkat's chosen banner men, turned on his lord during the battle of the Burszey Field and slew him. Hralman himself was lost in the conflict which left four survivors.

Kaelus of Thunark, a mercenary sailor and ex-whale man-and an inductee into the mysteries of the church of Misrule, who in a suicidal dive over the edge of the plateau of Burszey, escaped a cohort of knights.

He was followed over the edge of the scarp by Gniall of Sydenie, a huge blonde haired raider form the cold southlands who rode his horse over the same divide in a desperate attempt to escape the overwhelming foe.

Davrit and Petr, caught in the worst of the fighting escaped by slaying and stealing horses though both were injured. Petr most gravely wounded with a lance head impaled through the back and protruding from under his collar bone.

All four managed to flee into the black fens and escape pursuit though their situation could scarcely be called better at that point.