Math Classes Downloads

The items listed in the table below are downloadable files related to more than one math class at Santa Monica College. The items are ordered approximately by their level of difficulty with the easier items listed first.

All files are in PDF (Portable Document Format) and require Adobe Acrobat Reader version 9.0 or later to view and/or print. See Adobe to obtain their free Acrobat Reader program.

Clicking any filename in the right-most column of the table below will either open or start the download of that file.

Description:Downloadable File:
A brief review of Plane Geometry.GeometryReview.pdf
Basic Circle Facts.BasicCircleFacts.pdf
How to graph functions and relations using variable replacements.VarReplacements.pdf
How to graph a rational function (a quotient of two polynomials).RationalGraph.pdf
Synthetic Substitution explained with examples and Polynomial Theorems.SyntheticExamples.pdf
The unit circle and 16 of its most significant points.UnitCircle.pdf
A summary of the most important Trigonometric Identities.TrigIdentities.pdf
A comparison of lower, midpoint and upper Riemann sums.RiemannSums.pdf
Why Is The Area of a Circle Pi Times The Square of the Radius?CircleArea.pdf
A Limit Proof Technique.LimitProofTechnique.pdf
Some First Semester Calculus Definitions and Theorems.Calculus1Theory.pdf
A Method for Establishing Ln(x) and Computing e=2.7182818....EAnotherWay.pdf
The ArcLength Parametrization of a CurveArcLengthParametrization.pdf
A 3-D Model for a Tangent Plane.TangentPlaneModel.pdf
3-D Models for rectangular, spherical, and cylindrical segments.RSCModels.pdf
The Chain Rule for functions of several variables.TheChainRule.pdf
Increments, Differentials, Tangent Planes and Differentiability in 3-D.DifferentialsAndTangentPlanes.pdf