Exploring how the religious world view is changing in today 

The past half century has seen unprecedented developments in the life of our world, new opportunities  and new awareness, created by science and technology. Humankind has created a global transportation and electronic communications network accessible to most people in most places on earth, making possible mutual discovery and new creative relationships with people who might otherwise never have met.  

However, there are new threats to the future health and stability of our world, as a result of climate change, the rich-poor divide, international terrorism, pollution, and the appearance of new disease bearing viruses, such as AIDS and HN1, for which complete remedies have yet to be found  

Development in understanding of the genetic code, and the study of behaviour has given us vast new insights into what human beings are and how they have evolved since the dawn of time and life itself.  New infomration and insight has begun to change the way human beings think of themselves and relate to each other. 

The study of human history, cultures and language, and the study of religions has also influenced the way people relate to their beliefs about God and human destiny. All these factors are re-shaping the world of religious belief and practice.

FUTUREFAITH is dedicated to mapping some of the developments that are already under way in a rapidly changing world, reporting occasional news items and publications.

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