Keith & Clare's Family Home Page 

One small branch of the Kimber Tree International 

Welcome to the family web portal

Here is a picture of me Keith, posing

In my 46th year as an Anglican cleric

  This is my best beloved, Clare.

 We've been married for nearly 49 years



We live and work in the heart of Cardiff, Wales


 Here's our firstborn - Kath

 She's a contemporary dancer,

And this is her best beloved, Anto - he's a composer, and there's Rhiannon their firstborn


Here's Rachel our second born - singer-songwriter, healer, mother with Rhiannon and her first born, Jasmine 



This is her best beloved John, international music entrepreneur,  with Jasmine 


These two grand daughters are very special to us all


Here's Owain our last-born, looking cool - still young free and single but looking for someone special to make a new branch with. He's working in e-marketing, in Cardiff, for the British Council. He deejays and writes techno music.

Here's Clare and I with Anto, Owain and baby Rhiannon in Felixstowe

There are more family pictures in our Family photoalbum