John Keener for Pacifica City Council

Candidates for City Council usually run on generalities, 
but I'll give you specifics of what I'll do.  

  • I'm against the widening of Highway 1.  Caltrans plan won't work to reduce traffic congestion, but it'll make commuting a nightmare while they build it.  
    • I support a combination of alternatives to widening.
  • I'm a green candidate – from opposing highway expansion, to supporting appropriate land use in Pedro Point, to mitigating global warming effects all over Pacifica.  I will do all I can to protect our environment.
  • Electoral defeats of the "cell phone" and the 1% sales tax measures show that City Council is out of touch with voters.  
    And, last year the sewer tax was increased by council.   
    • Simply passing the bill along to the public is unacceptable.
    • In the current climate, I don't see a tax measure passing.
  • The people of Pacifica are owed clear explanations.
    • I will hold public forums on the city budget, so that we all know where our money is going. 

End the hidden backroom decision making.

John Keener for Pacifica City Council 2014
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