The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children  & Grandchildren


  • Herschel Clinger
  • Cleo Clinger Johnson
  • Morris Clinger
  • Alta Clinger Davis
  • Clifton Clinger
  • LaVerne Clinger Penrod

Tenie Johnson Clinger

Tenie: “I started school at the age of six in a one-room school house in Lakeview.  This building was also used for all church meetings. . . Later a two-room school house was built. Having five grades in one room, we didn’t progress very fast. . . . After finishing the fifth grade, my brother, Alfred, and I went to the Parker School in Provo.  We went back and forth in a surrey drawn by two horses until winter set in.  Then we moved into town.  We couldn’t start at the beginning of school on account of harvesting the fall crops which made it quite hard to keep up with the class. . .”  Tenie became a dress maker and worked as a seamstress before her marriage. 

She married Martin Albert Clinger November 16, 1904.  The couple established a home in Lakeview.  She writes that her husband and Vern Bunnell were home missionaries. Sundays were usually spent “traveling to different wards in Utah Stake, including Springville, Thistle, Clinton, Provo, Orem and Linden, to preach at Sunday Services.”  Mart worked at hauling building supplies and milk to Cherry Hill Dairy in Provo.  He owned and operated a dairy  farm in Lakeview.