The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children & Grandchildren


  • Weldon Taylor
  • Virginia Taylor Worthington
  • Paul  Taylor
  • Margaret Taylor Holdaway
  • Richard Taylor
  • Phillip Taylor
  • Robert Taylor

Nora Johnson Taylor

Murl, Alfred, Tenie, Martin, Nora and William Weldon Taylor

Nora, the sixth daughter of John and Inger Johnson, was born  November 19, 1886 in Lake View (Provo) Utah.  She was always happy, often singing, and had a beautiful outlook on life.  

Nora and William Weldon Taylor, the oldest of  William Joseph and Abby Jane Scott Taylor’s children, lived less than a mile south of the Johnsons  in Lake View.  The couple fell in love and were married on June 26, 1907.  They lived their entire lives in this beautiful farming community on the east shore of Utah Lake.   Will, with his father and brothers, operated the Cherry Hill Dairy.  

Seven children were born to them:  Weldon, Virginia, Paul, Margaret, Richard, Phillip, and Robert.  Nora died November 15, 1935, leaving her growing family. Her youngest son Robert was just ten years old at the time.  Will followed her in death three years later.