The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children & Grandchildren


  • Zatella Goodridge Taylor 
  • Maureen Goodridge Taylor
  • Barbara Goodridge Zabriskie
  • Wilma Goodridge
  • Lynn Goodridge
  • Helen Goodridge Cade

Josephine Johnson Goodridge

Josephine learned to ride horses at an early age and could often be seen riding bare back and barefoot with her hair flying in the wind.  There was a corral near the Johnson home where stray horses were kept, many untamed.  She would break them and sell them to earn  money.  There wasn’t a horse that Josephine couldn’t ride.  Josephine could hitch up the team and plow a field as well as anyone, clean up after work and be ready to go out fore the evening “looking like a million dollars.   

On October 31, 1894 she married William Willis Goodridge. They lived for a few years in Draper, before moving to Lake View.  Seven children were born to them including: Effie, who died in infancy, Zetella, Maurine, Barbara, Wilma, Lynn and Helen. 

Josephine was mechanically inclined and could fix almost anything.  She was the first women in Lakeview to drive a car.  Wills was Superintendent at the “Lakeview Beet Slicer & Sugar Factory” and they lived across from the factory.  It was near Provo River south of the old Geneva Road.  Willis died during the great flu epidemic of 1918.  Josephine moved her family to Provo to live close to her parents.