The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children & Grandchildren


Wesley Maag

Emma Johnson Maag

Emma married Conrad Maag on July 27, 1898.  She bore one son.  Emma  died  March 12, 1903 when the boy was about four years old.   Conrad owned a farm in Vineyard  but lost it during the Great Depressions.  He married Annie Williamson and had more  children.  Eldest sister Ellen wrote this poem, 

Our dear sister Emma has left us

She’s gone to the land up above.

Her sorrow and troubles are over,

She lives with the angels of love.

How cheerful she bore all her suffering

How patient she was while in pain.

How she hoped and prayed and pleaded

That on this earth she might remain.

For she hated to leave her sweet baby

Even to live in the mansions above.

For she knew that her poor little Wesley

Would be robbed of a mother’s love.

It was hard to part with sister Emma

For we all loved her sweet ways

Burt we’ll try not to mourn her departure

For from now on she’ll have better days.

Her mission on this earth is ended,

God called her to the other shore;

To live with the angels in heaven

Where all earthly troubles are o’re.