The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children & Grandchildren


Leslie Lamond Bunnell Jr.

  • Leona Bunnell Nuttall
  • Merrill John Bunnell
  • LeRoy Bunnell
  • Irwin Grant Bunnell
  • Vinna  Knowles
  • Karl Grover Bunnell
  • Elvin Wayne  Bunnell

Ellen Bergitte Johnson Bunnell

Ellen Bergitte married Leslie Lamond Bunnell June 30, 1892.  He entered the world in a log cabin near the north bank of the Provo River.  Ellen was born on the same farm in a log house a short distance from the cabin.  This farm belonged to Leslie’s father.  Evidently the house was on loan to Inger and John while they were getting settled in Lake View.  Ellen went to school in Provo and became a dressmaker.  After her marriage the couple borrowed $200 from Ellen’s father and started a general merchandise store–the first in Lake View.  It was destroyed by fire.  So they moved in with Lelie’s mother, bought more acreage,  built a creamery and established “Variwood,” a farm named for the many varieties of trees planted there.  Their brick home and cement creamery were first of the kind in Utah County.  

Leona wrote, “In spite of the number of children Mother had to take care of, she always did her share for the church. When we lived in the one room Creamery, Mother had been released from being President of the YLMIA to become President of the Relief Society.  When family demands became too great, she was released from that position but was never without a teaching position in the ward or stake. She was an active member of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers.