The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children and Grandchildren


  • Phyllis  Peterson
  • Marjorie Snow
  • Nanalee Stratton
  • Alene Kofford

August Jeremiah Johnson

August Jeremiah Johnson, the youngest child of John Johnson and Inger Sward, was born February 4, 1889 in Lake View, Utah. August had a beautiful singing voice and sang in his first quartette at age fifteen. After that, he sang at many funerals, weddings, and programs, in quartettes, as a soloist, and as a member of the Mendelssohn Chorus. August served in the Eastern States Mission from 1908 - 1911 and like his father, served as the bishop of the Lake View Ward. He enjoyed farming and his woodworking hobby. He died in Provo, Utah on February 7, 1970.

Ruth Elva Taylor was born in Provo, Utah on December 13, 1891, the fifth child of William Joseph Taylor and Abbey Jane Scott. When she was fourteen years old, her family moved to Lake View and established the Cherry Hill Dairy. Ruth was an accomplished pianist and accompanied many people throughout her life. When August was asked to sing, he would need an accompanist and Ruth was always willing. Thus, they became friends and later married on May 14, 1913. Ruth was killed in an automobile accident on July 4, 1949, in Provo.

Their four daughters are, from left, Alene (Rex A. Kofford), Marjorie (Nelson A. Snow), Phyllis (Burton E. Peterson), and Nanalee (Marvin V. Stratton). They also had one son, August Herbert Johnson who died October 7, 1938, at age 19, of appendicitis.

In 1950, he married Beatrice Atkinson Henderson, affectionately known as Grandma Bee. 

 Herbert Johnson