The John & Inger Johnson Family

Information about their Ancestors, Children & Grandchildren 


  • Helen A. McCune
  • Jack McCune Jr.
  • Barbara Jewel McCune Clinger

Annie Goldie Sward  Halverson McCune

Annie Goldie Sward was Inger’s niece.  Anna, her mother, died when  she was  three weeks old.   Annie’s father, August Sward, was Inger’s younger brother.  John and Inger adopted Annie in l896 when she was about nine. She was the same age as  Nora.  Annie married John Bailey McCune and had three children.  Helen, the oldest, died of whooping Cough at the age of three.  Annie and John moved to California but returned to Utah often to visit.  Her daughter Barbara met Adrian James Clinger, a nephew of Tenie's husband, while visiting in Lakeview.  They were married.  


Nora Johnson & Annie Goldie Sward 


Annie's Daughter Barbara