Escalator (1891)

Imagine walking 20 floors in a tall building just to get to your office. WHOA... That would be so hard...

Taking the stairs takes a lot of time and also consumes a lot of energy. Finally, replacing stairs the escalators were invented. Although elevators nowadays are there to deliver us to higher floors in an instant time, escalators are still used many places such as malls and subways since escalators are useful to go up and down short distances. 

Escalators were first invented by Jesse Reno in 1891 based on Nathan Ames’ model. Even though Nathaniel Ames created a model, he could not create a working design of his model. Later, Reno was able to improve Ames’s model and create a fully functional escalator. His first escalator was installed at the Old Iron Pier at Coney Island, New York City. His invention surprised many people. 

During the industrial revolution, instead of walking in the mines or workshops, escalators were very comfortable. The industrial revolution may have been possible without escalators, but escalators made the process more time efficient and ore comfortable.