John J. Jacisin III - Vertebrate Paleontology, Conservation Paleobiology, and Herpetology!

Hello, and welcome to my website!  I am currently a PhD student performing research in the Lawing Lab directed by Dr. Michelle Lawing, at Texas A&M University's Department of Ecosystem Science and Management. My research combines aspects of vertebrate paleontology, paleoecology, and modern evolutionary biology to describe fossils species and to understand how species respond to environmental changes through space and time. My current work investigates both extinct and extant (living) reptiles and amphibians while developing and utilizing methods such as geometric morphometrics (GMs), ecometrics, species distribution modelling (SDMs), and comparative methods. While my current focus involves the study of snake vertebral morphology (shape), I have also studied North American fossil amphibians, or more specifically, newts! Use the links on the left of this page to navigate and learn more about my research!

Contact Information: Email:
                                  Office: 223B Centeq
                                             Texas A&M University
                                             1500 Research Parkway
                                             College Station, TX 77845


Areas of Special Interest: vertebrate paleontology, paleoecology, herpetology, conservation paleobiology, geometric morphometrics, ecometrics, morphology, evolution, phylogenetics