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Trying out an unexpected google gift

This is a quick test at 5:48 am 


I seem to have got an account, I guess everyone who has gmail has one.

I noticed a link in <a href="">Macromedia XML News Aggregator</a> to <a href=""></a> checked out found Safari was unsupported so I switched to firefox.

Its seems pretty east to fire out a page. 

but it looks like you can't type html links you need to use the buttons. (few minutes later, there is an Edit Html button.)

Testing that: John @ Sandaig  

Testing the images linking to an image on my box at home so it may be slow:

This suprised me a bit, I uploaded this image to google so it is not telling the truth any more.

Could store a few podcats here. I wonder if this is going to rise or get connected to the gmail storage, or this:
Google's plan to store all your information

 This is a wee test to show mum.


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