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John H. Gohde owns his own name even in the Search Engine Result Pages.

John H. Gohde is currently an editor in good standing at Wikipedia. 

Wikipedia is really just a special form of a newsgroup, group or Internet forum where posters are allowed to create web pages on a free for all basis and to re-edit their old posts. 

In the search engine result pages, an individual's name only shows up from Wikipedia on discussion pages. In other words, Wikipedia manages to give Internet forum garbage a new definition. 

The Discussion pages at Wikipedia can only be described as a blight upon the Internet.


Imagine an Internet where anybody can edit and change any web page and / or any web site that they feel like changing, anytime that they felt like doing it. And, that pretty much sums up Wikipedia. Wikipedia is pure chaos and mob rule.

The chaos at Wikipedia is somewhat controlled and ruled by a collection of Admins. The only way anybody can ever become an administrator is by spending every minute of everyday on Wikipedia. These people have absolutely no personal life. They clearly suffer from a form of Internet addiction.

The only picture that I get of an Admin at Wikipedia is that of a mentally ill individual. In my humble opinion, you cannot have a rational conversation or any kind of a rational exchange of ideas with the mentally ill.

Try to promote any subject matter on Wikipedia and you will quickly get the attention of at least one of these mentally ill admins. I promoted Alternative Medicine all too well. And, got violated by these mentally ill admins a number of different times. Why? Because Wikipedia is ruled by a bunch of anti-alternative medicine bigots. And, that is about the only way any rational person can describe Wikipedia.

Nevertheless, I did in fact succeed in doing many different things at Wikipedia. My success story at Wikipedia is precisely why I was constantly being attacked by anti-alternative medicine bigots. I was just too good at doing, what I did.

I actually accomplished what I had originally intended to do at Wikipedia, on day one, before I even set up a user name. But, I was so quickly attacked by hordes of Wikipedians so bent on destroying what I had edited that I decided to stick around a whole lot longer. One thing led to another, and I ended up promoting alternative medicine in general. If those Wikipedans had only played nice. I would have left Wikipedia alone, after only one day of editing. Wikipedia reaped what they sowed.

But, the only thing that ever really counts is that I am currently an editor in Good Standing at Wikipedia. That is really the little detail that all my critics fail to point out. They just hate to admit that I am still an editor in good standing at Wikipedia.



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