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Meet The Parents of John H. Gohde

A group picture of John H. Gohde's parents.

A group picture of John H. Gohde's parents taken during the World War II period.

John's mother talks about meeting her husband for the first time.

"The girls at the 'Y' kept telling me about the cute sailor dancer there every Saturday night, and I was wishing some week night he would show up, while I was there.
Finally, on Tuesday night he was there, the sailor dancer. He was tall and thin in that dark blue sailor suit with his hat rolled up like a banana tucked into his shirt behind his neck. He seemed to be loose at all ends, with his arms and legs attached to his body with safety pins. His feet moved as if on wheels, doing a two-step, while not missing a beat.

In awe, I watched two or three dances before realizing he was the same young man, who had been giving me his seat on the bus. During intermission we girls helped out in the canteen. I never saw the sailor dancer again until well into the evening. The girls said he, and a few other boys always went across the street to a bar for beer.

Later, he must have noticed and recognized me from the bus. He came over and asked me to dance. Never could I have kept up with that two-step, and thanked him but no thanks. Then, I left and went home."

C. Gohde

John's parents were married on February 17, 1945 in Kokomo, Indiana. It was a war time marriage. They honeymooned in Boston for two weeks. After which John H. Gohde's father shipped out to war on the Little Big Horn, a Coast Guard Oil Tanker, for fourteen months of duty in the Pacific delivering fuel to warships in and around Japan.



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