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The Mother of John H. Gohde Grew Up in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

A picture of John H. Gohde's mother and maternal grandmother.

A picture of John H. Gohde's mother and maternal grandmother that was taken just before a high school football game. His mother actually was very short in height, which is hard to tell from this picture.

John H. Gohde's mother wrote about her own mother as follows.

"My mother, Katie Irene D..., was born October 7, 1900, the eldest daughter and second child to James and Maggie D... of Chattanooga, Tennessee.
When Katie was only seventeen and still in school, she met my father, Floyd Lindsey C..., a dashing, quite handsome young man of twenty-one. Needless to say Katie was smitten, and Floyd had no trouble sweeping Katie off her feet.

Before long, the sweet, innocent, little five foot, ninety eight pound girl with the corn silk hair and light blue eyes was engaged to the world traveled, man-about-town, six foot, one hundred fifty pound, ex-World War I army soldier with the sparkling teeth and dark curly hair.
Mother was very pyshic and relied on her intuitions. When she was young and away from home, she often ran from a girlfriend's home with the feeling something was wrong with either her Aunt Mary, or her uncles. Occasionally there were problems. Everyone in our family, on my mother's side seemed to have a bad heart
My senior year [in High School], ... I was a Majorette in a class of football boys, with their coach as teacher. They knew me from performing at the games."

C. Gohde



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