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Formative Years

Pictures of John H. Gohde

Pictures of John H. Gohde From When He Lived in New York State. 

John H. Gohde, as a baby

The offical baby picture of John H. Gohde.

John shows a strong resemblance to the baby pictures of his mother in the above 8x10 inch portrait of him as a baby. Both John H. Gohde and his mother had brown hair. His mother's haired stayed brown throughout her life up until the very end. While it lighten up considerably, even after chemotherapy, John's mother's hair was noticeably brown.

John H. Gohde, grade school

John H. Gohde in grade school.

John H. Gohde did horribly bad in grade school getting mostly U's and F's on his report cards. He ended up repeating 5th grade. As it turned out, failing 5th grade is what kept John out of Vietnam upon graduating college.

John H. Gohde, High School Senior Year

John H. Gohde from his senior year high school yearbook.

Academically, John did better in Junior High School. He slept through 9th grade because he participated in a special program for so-called gifted students. And, really had to play catch-up in 10th grade math. In High School, he aced most of the New York State Regents examinations which he took in every academic subject. John graduated High School with an 83.333 average and graduated about 76th in a class of 330 students.



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