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The Father of John H. Gohde Served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

The Father of John H. Gohde Served in the U.S. Coast Guard.

A picture of John H. Gohde's father that was taken during the War World II period.

John's father had a love affair with the sea. For a while he was in the Merchant Marines. He spent his last years of his life in the Coast Guard Reserves, often going to Norfolk, Virginia. John's frequent Vacations in Virginia eventually lead up to him permanently moving to Virginia, and away from all that New York snow. The father of John H. Gohde ended up with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer Fourth Class.

While the Husdon River is certainly not the sea, John spent his youth boating up and down the river with his family. John's Dad had a 18 foot cabin cruiser which they took on weekend trips from Bear Mountain Bridge, which is located very near the West Point Military Academy, to as far south as New York City.Hudson River Mothball Fleet

What was a memorable landmark during that time period for John as a child was the Mothball Fleet which consisted of hundreds of World War II period freighters that were moored along the west side of the Hudson River in very neat columns that were perhaps ten freighters deep near Peekskill, NY.



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