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Photo Album

The Offical Photo Album of John H. Gohde

A selection of some of his mother's favorite pictures of John's family.

John H. Gohde had a family who documented every aspect of their family life with thousands of snap shots. Back as a child, all of John's family pictures were black and white. And, were taken with what was literally called box cameras. To call them a box was no understatement. You pointed the box at the subject. You looked through a rather fuzzy viewfinder. And, gently slid down a level that actually took the picture. It was not until John H. Gohde became a teenager that color pictures were all that common. During his high school period John H. Gohde's father switched over to taking 35 mm color slides.

John went to college and became somewhat interested in photography and darkroom work. And, got a few of his black and white pictures published in his college yearbooks. Back then, virtually all the college yearbooks pictures were in black and white.

John's mother lived to be 82 years old. In the last few years of her life she wrote an autobiography of her life.

"Some of the things I write
and the statements I make,
may be hard to believe or understand,
but you must realize, I have always been a Rebel
Living in a Yankee land."

C. Gohde

The following selection of pictures are some of his mother's favorite pictures which she had included in her rather lengthy account of her family life.



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