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Internet Trolls

John H. Gohde does not get along too well with Internet Trolls.

A Troll is a person who just loves to waste the time of other people on a newsgroup or other Internet Forum.

A Troll is a person who just loves to waste the time of other people on a newsgroup or other Internet Forum. Never will a troll put any effort into their posts. And, if you were ever foolish enough to have actually trusted a troll; you would have ended up wasting a considerable amount of time going on a wild goose chase.


Internet Trolls -- All the following groups are really only special types of trolls.

  1. Ultra-liberal Academic trolls, or the so-called Science People.
  2. Anti-Alternative Medicine Bigots -- Trolls who think that all forms of alternative medicine is quackery.
  3. Quacks -- People who make health claims that cannot be supported by science.
  4. Kooks -- People who claim that you have to engage in health extremes, in order to be healthy.
  5. British Trolls, or trolls from the United Kingdom. Quite frankly, I find the British mindset at best to be totally weird and at worst to be a form of mental illness. It is no understatement that I do not get along very well with anybody from England, Great Britain, or the United Kingdom. Me and the Brits just don't get along very well. I am normal, and you British trolls are just plain strange as far as I am concerned.
    • What Country is more preoccupied with their Queen Mom, Royalty, and Upper-class Rank than Great Britain? It is impossible to believe in Freedom and Human Rights while still allowing the upper-class to put a Royal Title in front of their names. Unless of course, you are just a few beers short of a six-pack. And, live in a house full of lesser servants.
    • In America there is no royalty. Nobody can be born into a better class of human beings. And, there are no lessers. In short, everyone at birth is born equal and without rank.
    • I am a Proud American. Being that I am a believer in the American way of life, the British with their typical British snobbery and their obsession with Royalty just rubs me the wrong way. Silly me.
  6. Muscleheaded Jocks -- Normal people can exercise regularly without wanting to be a mindless muscleheaded jock.
  7. SEO Trolls -- People who will advise you that all manner of totally unnecessary changes to your web site will cure all that ails it.  Truth be known, these trolls have absolutely no idea what is wrong with your site.  They have put absolutely no effort into writing their replies.  And, SEO trolls do NOT know what they are talking about most of the time.




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