John H. Gohde

Tells his own story in his own words.

John Gohde

For those who would like to interact with John Gohde, a couple of different options are provided for.

In terms of the Social Media, John prefers using Facebook (FB) since it currently attracts an adult following of people using their real names.

On Facebook, John Gohde does NOT take things too personally. PRIVATE Emails are reserved for family and his friends. John uses one single personal Facebook account ( that is set up for his FANS, which fall under five (5) different broad categories: Friends/Family, Crime, Political, Health, and Linux Mint / other Web Development related topics. 

My Yahoo Mail address is for contacting me by private email, since Facebook messages are NOT always 100% reliable. It exists for a reason. Feel free to use it.

John is open to trying out the Facebook updates of those who want to be his Facebook Friend, and classify them accordingly. If it turns out that John Gohde cannot deal with your FB updates, then rest assured that he will eventually dump you and / or block your FB updates, one way or the other. Facebook, itself, effectively prevents our updates from going through 100% of the time, anyway.  

SPAMMERS will be deleted.

John Gohde has set up his Facebook account correctly to provide the option of Following his updates on Facebook. Followers are allowed to like, but NOT comment, by Facebook.