Dr. John Goold


The Abdus Salam International Centre for Theoretical Physics (ICTP)

Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Section,
Strada Costiera,
I - 34151 Trieste Italy

Phone:  +393664350195
Email:  jgoold at ictp.it
Skype:  thequantummechanic

Twitter:  @goold_John


I am interested in the theoretical description of the equilibrium and out-of-equilibrium physics of complex quantum systems such as ensembles of ultra-cold atoms, spin chains and biomolecules. In particular I am interested in thermodynamic fluctuations and the emergence of thermodynamic behaviour in quantum systems.

Academic History 

2013-          Postdoctoral Fellow at ICTP Trieste (Condensed Matter and Statistical Physics Group)

2010-2013   IRCSET Marie Curie Fellow at University of Oxford (Vlatko Vedral Group)

2010-2009   Research Fellow at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore 

2009-2006   PhD in Theoretical Physics, University College Cork, Ireland (Thomas Busch Group)

2006-2002   BSc Physics, University College Cork, Ireland 

2002           Leaving Certificate, De La Salle College Macroom, Co. Cork, Republic of Ireland 


You will find all of my work here: