updated: everything: July 14, 2008

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Free Wushu Opening

head mapping explained  

Chat command tutorial

Here are a few of my attempts as I tried to learn this great game:

mMm_the negative respect one has for, say, lightning or tigers

mMm_auto da fe

mMm_conjure the lightning

mMm_poetry poetic (train wrecked)


mMm_project brutal


momentum kicking 6.0

I believe Uke can fly. briefly.

multiplayer decaps

Akido vs Nuthug

 Martial Artist


Slaughterstorm, Chillin, Skeetjumpkicking 2


Skeet Jumpkicking, White Demon style, and a couple of kicks (single player)

momentum kicking, et al desert punk

A madman, a headkick, a flesh eating zombie.

essays in form and style

single player replays by madmanmad

The competition where I won my head



replay highlights:


category: single player madman | my rating: 7.5/10 | all the dismemberments occur in less than 100 frames. 


category: multiplayer, taek kyon opening | my rating 6.5/10 | semi-notable for the speed of the opening kick, and resulting split. Otherwise uninteresting.

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you will need to download toribash to watch these (free)