Annie Laurie: Her Ancestors and Descendants

Note: My genealogical database is no longer available on-line, sorry. It attracted too much abuse.  But if you want a copy, please email me.  But you won't find any email addresses on this site, for the same reason: too much abuse.

A photo of Charles and Louisa Perry 

A photo of Charles Perry and two others.  Do you know who the other people are?

A PDF file with all I know about  Astley Laurie 

A stab at the Tainui  part of the family tree (probably way wrong)

Another look at the Tainui part, from Dave Buchanan. (MS Word file.)


Hello family and friends!

This is a group of pages for descendants of Annie Laurie, who was born in Kawhia, New Zealand in 1840. I find her interesting because she was the first of my non-Maori ancestors to be born in New Zealand.

A web version of my genealogical database can be found here. The database contains information about all the descendants and ancestors of Annie Laurie that I know about. If you would like me to add more information, or if you find a mistake, please let me know! This information was gathered from a number of sources and I have not been diligent in recording where I found it. Neither have I meticulously checked the accuracy of the information I transcribed. If you spot an error, or would like to be acknowledged as the source, please let me know.

The rest of the information on this site can be seen by clicking on the links on the left.

Annie's Father

Annie's father Astley Laurie was on the run from the law in Sydney, where he had been sentenced to death for forgery, when he arrived in New Zealand. See R v. Laurie (1826) for some background on this. Also Burke v. Troy (1828) has more information. This makes finding information on him difficult because he would most likely have assumed an alias on arrival here. At present our best guess is that he called himself "John Smith", and that the Maori called him "Tamete" (or possibly "Te Mete"). It is this guess that allows us to guess who Annie's mother is.

Annie's Mother

If Astley Laurie is in fact the Pakeha trader known as Tamete, then Annie's mother was Te Rangiata, the niece of the Ngati Maniopoto chief Te Kanawa, one of the signatories of the Treaty of Waitangi. This is based on the testimony of Te Wheoro (one of Te Kanawa's sons) in the Maori Land Court in the 1880s. The whakapapa of Te Wheoro, kindly provided by Lyn White, is represented in this tree.

See this page for more information on the Kawhia copy of the treaty, and to see an image of the signature of Te Kanawa.

Other Annie Laurie Researchers

A list of other people that I am aware of who have an interest in Annie Laurie's parents is given below. If you want to be added to this list please email me. Let me know if you are happy for me to put your details on this page.
  • Angela Hall (Invercargill)
  • April Fisher (Bluff)
  • Auriette Gilmour (Roxburgh)
  • David Buchanan (Waiuku)
  • Des Mataga (Auckland)
  • Jade Hewlett (Gore)
  • Jill Mitchell (Alaska)
  • John Williams (Dunedin)
  • Joy Hall (Invercargill)
  • Joyce Frisken (Riverton)
  • Justin Cahill (Sydney)
  • Lewis Nicholson (Te Anau)
  • Lyn White (Hamilton)
  • Mary Palmer (Invercargill)
  • Mit Page (Canada)
  • Murray Kelly (Russell, Bay of Islands)
  • Myrtle Karetai (Invercargill)
  • Nerida Been (Sydney)
  • Ngaire Patiole (Australia)
  • Nola Edmonds (Hamilton)
  • Robert Perry (Auckland)
  • Ronnie Hewlett (Gore)
  • Sandra Horton (Palmerston North)
  • Selina Herbert (?)
  • Stewart (Dale) Smith (Waiheke Island)
  • Tanya Horrell (?)
  • Thomas Hall (?)
  • Violet Lynch (Gore)
  • Wendy Herbert (?)