Last Respects

Why won’t anyone believe Wes Byrne, his once promising career as a crime reporter in tatters, has only returned to East Hastings to attend the funeral of a childhood friend, and not to investigate the friend’s unsolved murder?

Everyone in East Hastings has their own idea of why Wes is back: his old friends are convinced he really does want to find the killer; the local police believe he came back to stir up trouble in order to revive his career; Wes’ one-time mentor at the town’s paper thinks he’s come home to expose the powerful people that don’t want the murder solved; and enemies he made years before think he’s returned to settle old scores.

If only he could get out of town, but that’s not possible. His car’s been stolen and he’s become the focus of investigations into new murders that appear to center around his return. Wes has no choice but to go against his better judgment and, fueled with more than a few tumblers of Powers whiskey, expose the murderers to avoid becoming the next victim.

Charged with suspense and humor, this entertaining mystery keeps the reader guessing until the very end.

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