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Hello, welcome to my electronic professional portfolio. My name is John Engelhart, I am a graduate student at the University of Northern Iowa, originally from Bancroft, Iowa. I will be completing my career as a graduate student at UNI during the spring 2008 term. My area of study is Performance and Training Technology. I also have a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Education Technology from UNI. I have a new found desire for travel and have now only 16 states to visit to complete the entire 50. Through my travels I have found the importance of personal connections and the appreciation of diversity.

My passion for teaching and technology drew me back to my alma mater in Cedar Falls to pursue my Masters of Arts degree. This program is designed for persons planning to work in non-school settings. While living in Des Moines I was looking for career positions that I could use my teaching degree outside of the school setting, I came across the job description of a trainer for a prominent insurance company,howerver, I found I was missing skills required for this position. The perfect opportunity for me was to move back to Cedar Falls where I could take courses for professional opportunities in business and higher education, including: instructional designing, training, media support specialist, web designing, or community college instructing.

I found the transition into graduate school quite simple. The course work I completed for my minor at UNI prepared me for the requirements I would need to meet in order to successfully complete this journey I would begin August of 2006. The question I was asked by instructors was, “what do you want to do when you are done?” I answered this by telling them what I had done with the job description I found for being a trainer, I had cut this job description out of the paper and taped it to the inside of a folder which I was using to collect reference letter and my application for graduate school. When I am asked this question today I automatically think of that newspaper cutout from 2006. My goal for completing this degree is to ultimately become a trainer. The process of writing down my goal, or taping it inside a folder, makes me know exactly what it is I am striving for and can be my constant reminder of “what it is I want to do when I am done with school.”

Through my time at UNI I have developed my belief that we all learn as a process of social participation. Group and teamwork provides a better outcome because there is a shared interest in the subject. Through shared knowledge and collaboration a group can produce a higher quality product than that which was produced by an individual. My personal philosophy is based around the Wenger and Lesser’s concept Communities of Practice.

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