Church Painting

This painting of Midsomer Norton is a view from the hills just above Clapton Road.It is now hanging in St John's Church. Midsomer Norton.
The idea for the painting came after a conversation with Father Christoper, the vicar of St.John's. He asked me if I could arrange for a few paintings to be displayed above the vestry.I had to give the idea much thought because the position was at least 20ft above the church floor and to be seen properly the paintings would have to be viewed from at least 4 rows back in the congregation. It wasn't until I saw a television  programme about David Hockney painting landscapes on multiple canvases that I knew what to do. John Dryburgh
 I am also busy on a commission to repaint all the shields which are attached to the cross supports to the roof of the nave. Further details on the home page. These shields have all been finished and replaced high in the roof attached to the roof supports.