Why the Twist?

The Twisted Fleur de Lis evolved over time from the first untwisted FDL sculpture by John Doherty which was made September 2005.  This sculpture was auctioned off on Ebay and the proceeds were donated to the Slidell Alumni Hurricane Relief Fund.  Over time and after several sculptures were made, some experimenting was done and the lower petal was twisted. The upper petal was twisted as well after the lower ones proved successful.  The twisting was initially done to suggest the extreme rotational forces of Hurricane Katrina but it also came represent the status of the area after the storm.

Fleur # 1 Sept  2005. The hurricane symbol base wasn't created yet for the first several pieces.

Fleur # 11   Jan 2006

Fleur #14 May 2006

New Stainless Steel Fleur Nov  2009

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