18" Tall Handmade Steel Twisted Fleur de Lis Wall Hanging Sculpture

New Orleans can be with you no matter where you live.

Edition size 2010

This limited edition steel wall hanging Twisted Fleur de Lis sculpture was inspired by the devastation of Hurricane Katrina. The piece is hand plasma torch cut from 1/8" thick steel, is approximately 18" tall x 16" wide and it is twisted to suggest the extreme rotational force of Hurricane Katrina as well as the state of the Gulf Coast after the storm. The colors are achieved using only heat, metal and rust.  Brackets are welded to the back to allow hanging on a wall with a hook or a nail. The sculpture mounts 3/4" from the wall. A clear lacquer coating with a hand rubbed wax finish is applied to prevent rust when installed in interior environments. The piece weighs approximately 3.6 lbs.

Several finish options are available including a bare rusted patina and continue to weather in an exterior installation. Please inquire about finish options including different colors of paint.

One of the fleurs was back-lit for a photograph. This listing does not include back-lighting equipment. You can do it yourself with rope lights.

Each of these fleurs is signed and numbered. The edition size is 2010 and a certificate of authenticity is included.

The item pictured may or may not be the exact one you purchase. All pieces of the series are very similar,but due to the nature of working by hand with hot metal and the random results of coloring metal with heat, all pieces have their own individual characteristics and distress markings.

This item is made to order and ships 1 to 3 weeks after order.

$150 plus $16.00 shipping within the US. Please inquire about international shipments.

The hand plasma torch cut fleurs are clamped, heated with a torch and twisted.
 This is how the raw steel looks before finishing. You can order one in raw steel if
you prefer a more rustic look.

Close up view of a freshly, still hot twist. You can see a You Tube video
of some getting twisted.

Rope light can be attached to the backside by a
 customer with magnets.

Fleur de lis with the standard brown patina with a hand rubbed
wax finish over clear lacquer.

The fleur de lis with a clear lacquer and wax finish over grey
steel without aging the patina.