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Help me solve a murder mystery in 1920s New York City while there’s still time to save the pretty girl!

John Martello/Author

aka Marc Alexander/Private Eye

About Butcher Boys & Gold Digger Girls:


Butcher Boys & Gold Digger Girls is an ebook, or Interactive Novel (iNovel) with live internet links! Unlike conventional print novels and movies, the reader controls how much historical research and visual stimulation he needs to understand and envision the characters, scenery, and plot events.

BB & GG educates and titillates the reader simultaneously by:

  • Using a private eye to solve one of “History’s Mysteries”: How Robert Moses forced the Babylon Baymen to let him build Jones Beach State Park
  • Placing the story during the 1920s when women became liberated from Victorian sexual inhibitions
  • Acting out the plot near New York City’s landmarks (Penn Station), parks (Coney Island), and gritty neighborhoods (Hell’s Kitchen)

BB & GG is a hybrid of:

  • The “gumshoe” detective genre pioneered by Edgar Allen Poe, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Dashiell Hammett, Raymond Chandler, Mickey Spillaine, and Robert Parker
  • Historical narratives that use Robert Caro, Eric Schlosser, and Buzz Bissinger’s investigative journalism techniques
  • Erotic narratives and images too graphic for mainstream media inspired by Alberto Moravia, Playboy Fiction, and, of course, photo blogs

Unlike conventional historical narratives and documentaries, the reader “walks through history” with engaging fictional characters and noteworthy historical characters such as:

  • Robert Moses--the man who built Jones Beach State Park, and many of New York City and New York State’s famous public works
  • Lewis Valentine--Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia’s Police Commissioner and the inspiration for Batman’s Commissioner Gordon
  • Belle Moskowitz--the early 20th Century “goo-goo” reformer who taught Governor Al Smith how to get women to vote for him
  • Charles “Lucky Luciano,” Salvatore Maranzano, and Meyer Lansky--co-founders of “The Five Mafia Families of New York” and the inspirations for Mario Puzo and Francis Ford Coppola’s Don Vito Corleone and Hyman Roth characters in The Godfather

*And a surprise villain from the 19th Century!

THE RESULT: A groundbreaking interactive experience that combines early 20th Century history, crime fiction, and erotica with early 21st Century technology to tell an educational, exciting, visually stimulating story.

Thank you for your interest in Butcher Boys & Gold Digger Girls, the Sexy Spies & Sirens blog and the Prince of Mulberry INovel series!

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“Hey, it’s only $6.99! Give it a try!”

To learn more about me and why you should trust my writing skills and taste in visual art type:

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To check out my NSFW erotic photo blog, visit:

Help me solve a murder mystery in 1920s New York City while there’s still time to save the pretty girl!

John Martello/Author

aka Marc Alexander/Private Eye

Frequently Asked Questions

 (OK, questions I think will be frequently asked if this ebook/INovel goes viral.)

Why not “wait for the movie”?
BB & GG can never be the same experience as a movie because Hollywood and TV’s “empty suits” are too afraid of the feminist lobby, religious conservatives, and the unknown to allow this kind of educational, hairy chested, erotic, male-driven fiction to play “in a theatre near you” without major plot alterations.

Don’t believe me? Take the following Historical Hairy Chested Male Fiction Quiz:

When was the last time a Mike Hammer novel got made into a Hollywood movie?

I The Jury, 1982--I don’t count the made for TV movies, TV’s empty suits are even more afraid of the feminist lobby, religious conservatives, and the unknown! 

How long ago did Spenser For Hire go off the air?

1988--loved that show!

How many James Bond movies have come out in the last 10 years?

Two and that’s only because:

Daniel Craig shows more skin than his female co-stars. (Why couldn’t Eva Green get tied to a chair and get flogged naked? She wasn’t exactly shy in The Dreamers.)

Bond is now limited to one lay per movie; so instead of “sex and violence,” it’s now “violence and sex.”

“M” is now an unattractive masculine female boss who puts him in his place. (Are we supposed to believe the MI 6 bureaucrats are afraid Bond might sleep his way to the top if Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman, or Julianne Moore played ‘M” instead of Judy Dench?)

Miss Moneypenny isn’t there to offer him comfort sex, reward sex, recreational sex, and just about any other reward a woman can offer a man after a hard day spent saving the world from nuclear destruction. (At least Pierce Brosnan had Samantha Bond to flirt with, but she dissed him constantly and was never as forthcoming as Lois Maxwell.)

So, unless you’re old enough to remember where you were when you heard President Reagan got shot you’ve never seen a first run Hollywood movie where Mike Hammer and James Bond got to act the way Mickey Spillaine and Ian Fleming intended them to.

The last try Hollywood made at reviving the “gumshoe genre” was Devil In A Blue Dress.  Apart from the lack of female nudity, it was faithful to the genre in every way--which probably explains why it was a box office bust. I highly recommend it for “boys night out,” or when the Superbowl becomes the Blowout Bowl, but it probably wouldn’t make a good date movie.

In previous generations, a man with more rugged features, Humphrey Bogart, Clint Eastwood, or Morgan Freeman would have been cast as the male lead. In today’s market, Don Cheadle should have been cast in the title role, instead of the sidekick. But I can just imagine the Hollywood suits pushing for Denzel Washington because of his flawless face and charming smile. If Denzel can’t get women to the movie theatre the celluloid private eye is doomed!

I shudder to think what BB & GG would look like on the big screen. That doesn’t mean I’d never consider selling the movie rights--Hollywood and TV “empty suits” can write large checks and I’d love to take my mortgage banker off my mailing list. If they handle it right, it might even be worth seeing--but I guarantee it won’t be the same experience!

What do you have against women’s liberation and religious fundamentalism?

Nothing! I have female family and friends, the Moslem Empire helped bring algebra to the western world, and President Reagan helped end the Cold War.

But we’re not talking about whether to support the equal rights amendment for women, or what “religious tolerance” really means, we’re talking about how feminism and fundamentalism have made it impossible for Hollywood to produce the kind of story I’ve created.

Let’s face it, most Hollywood movies are for dates. Whether you’re a single guy taking your girlfriend out to the theatre, or a husband bringing a DVD home to your wife, you need to select a female friendly movie if you expect the Big Reward after you get home and/or put the kids to bed. That’s reasonable, you want to make your gal happy, and you should.

But be careful before you push the “select” button on your cable remote! Women have raised their expectations so high in the last 20-30 years that it’s become almost impossible to get movies into the theatre with themes like crime, war, and prison unless the female roles are elevated to an often unrealistic level.

Any anthropologist will tell you that women in hunting and gathering societies probably never achieved the power Zoe Saldana’s character had in Avatar. But try telling that to your gal when she’s rolling her eyes to the ceiling while you’re reaching for her hand because the lead female is subservient, pregnant, and naked. No wonder the “Old Style Real Man” is an endangered species in Hollywood.

I don’t take all this personally even though, as I write these words, the Pages grammar check keeps rejecting “gender specific” words like ‘husband’ and ‘Freeman’ and suggests replacing them with ‘spouse’ and ‘citizen’ while suggesting I delete “sexist” words like ‘gal’ altogether. I comfort myself with the knowledge that word processing programs are doing their share to help my female family and friends earn their job offers, raises, and promotions.

Seriously, I welcome the opportunity this gives me to provide an experience that Hollywood can’t. So bring home Steel Magnolias, Thelma & Louise, and Letters To Juliet on “date night.” But when you’re home because it’s “girls night out,” after you put the kids to bed, BB & GG is your reward for taking on the world in ways your ‘gal’ (sorry grammar check) can’t because ‘guys’ still have a monopoly on testosterone.

If your book is so good why don’t you get a “real publisher?”

There’s so much current literature that makes the case corporate print publishers have become ‘dinosaurs,’ ‘Internet Middlemen,’ or even ‘19th Century Robber Barons’ I wouldn’t know where to begin answering that one. But for an ebook/INovel, corporate print publishers can’t provide the services I need to support and promote my story telling technique. Even if they could, the political correctness police would pull them over long before they reached the information superhighway.

Do books need images?

We can always debate a question like that. But why burden yourself with a false choice? 

Remember when adults told you to ‘grow up and put down that comic book’ because children read picture books, while adults read printed literature? But don’t most textbooks and tradebooks have photos and illustrations, even in math? Printed historical narratives sometimes give you a small picture section in the middle of the book. And, aren’t 300 and The Dark Knight written for adults?

Remember how adults told you to turn off the television before you started your homework? I’m not saying children should do their homework in front of the TV, but don’t we all do some reading in front of the tube? Isn’t it fun to research a movie online as you watch it? Don’t art museum exhibits have index cards pasted on the wall? Don’t operas and plays give you librettos to help you understand the plot?


If this is such a great idea, why hasn’t somebody already done it?

Laptops and the Internet have been mainstream for almost 20 years now, but handheld electronic devices with online capability are still relatively new technology. Previously, there were practical reasons such as conflicts between artists and researchers, cost, and corporate mainstream media’s fear of the political correctness police and the unknown.

But I’m a small, one man shop--so I win all the artistic arguments. My laptop, Internet connection, and, now, handheld electronics with wifi capability, allow me to take this kind of chance without having to mortgage my house and buy a ton of printed books which might sit in my basement indefinitely. Reviewers who accused me of political incorrectness would probably increase my sales. And, I’ve never been afraid to be different; Albert Einstein once said, “Yesterday’s insanity is tomorrow’s reason why.” 

I’ve been dedicated to this project ever since the day I decided to reward myself for having finished my masters thesis on the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority by buying a recently published “gumshoe detective” book, set in New York City, while waiting for my flight at LaGuardia Airport. You know how many there were? NONE!

Once I got over my anger, I realized there was an opportunity for a newly minted New York City historian, who loves detective fiction and erotica, to meet an unmet need. Men (and women who are not afraid to shake off antiquated inhibitions) deserve a chance to enjoy male driven entertainment without guilt. Remember, I’m not asking you to campaign against feminism or fundamentalism, I just want to reward you for adapting to it at work and at home.

Why don’t you copy and paste the images instead of establishing hyperlinks?

I may change my position on this later as I get more customer feed back and technology evolves. But for now, I’m going to let the reader decide when it’s time to use images to enhance the experience of reading my iNovel because:

Artistic Integrity:

I wrote an iNovel, not a graphic novel. My images are strictly impressionistic, they were not painted, photographed, or videotaped based on a screenplay. So, at this point, it doesn’t feel artistically honest to put them in the text. The artists who created the images deserve the chance to display their work at their websites.

Varying levels of expertise, experience, and reading styles:

  • Some readers have PhDs in Urban Studies and/or New York City history, others are foreigners reading about the Big Apple for the first time.
  • Some take an IRT train (the numbered ones) every day, others are suburbanites and farmers who have never seen a train that was above or below the ground.
  • Some readers like to click every link as they read, others prefer to finish the sentence, or the paragraph. Some want to see one image that interprets the character, plot point or scene, others will want several.

The iNovel lets ALL READERS decide when they’re ready to visit a link that allows them to see the characters, plot points, and places I’m describing!


You never know whose reading over your shoulder. Many of the images I’ve linked to my erotic scenes are graphic and explicit. Don’t assume co-workers, snoopy elderly neighbors, or female family and friends can “handle it,” even if they were openminded enough to give you my ebook/iNovel for your birthday!

*I don’t want to be responsible for anyone getting arrested, fired, or divorced--so think before you link!

Isn’t there plenty of erotica on line?

True, but the Prince of Mulberry series is dedicated to the idea that technology’s gift to art is that we can mix genres. Why shouldn’t art educate, frighten, and titillate simultaneously? Maybe I’ve been living in New York City too long, but the pace of life seems so fast today, I wonder if we have time anymore to separate education, action, and erotica.

If that doesn’t convince you, consider the opening scene of Boogie Nights, when Burt Reynold’s character is talking to Marc Wahlberg’s character about how badly he wants to make a porno movie with a plot interesting enough to make the viewer want to finish watching it after he has an orgasm. That conversation later inspires Dirk Diggler to create a pornographic James Bond character. Boogie Nights played the idea for laughs, but contemporary technology allows us to turn that idea into serious art.

Where do you get your images from?

Exclusively online. Part of my agenda is to get people to shop for art and research on line because the Prince of Mulberry series is dedicated to the idea that the Internet should allow researchers and artists to deal directly with their customers. Since the way I present images is “impressionistic,” it’s only fair to let the researchers and artists display their work at their web site.

*Please let them know I sent you when you visit so they’ll continue to support my work!

How can a researcher or professional artist display their work in your Interactive Novel at their website or blog?

Artists and researchers who want to display their work in my iNovel, or blog, should email me a hyperlink so I can visit the site where their work is posted. If it fits into any of my story lines, I’ll establish a link to your site in the part of my iNovel’s text, or blog, where your work enhances the readers experience. (BB & GG is over 250 pages long and the blogosphere is infinite, so I’ve got plenty of space!)

An iNovel, and my blog, gives your work the level of exposure, product placement, and advertising it deserves but can’t get from Hollywood movies, mainstream publishing houses, museums, libraries, or even a conventional web site or blog.

Since I use links, instead of copying and pasting the actual images into the text, your work and/or web site will be displayed exclusively on the reader’s screen, depending on how your site is set up.

Since my iNovel is available through secure websites, you don’t have to worry about pirating.

DON’T BE SHY! Because this is an iNovel, I can easily add and remove your link. Plenty of artists and researchers are already supporting my work so I can afford to remove links if you change your mind later.


The Prince of Mulberry detective novel series centers primarily on the following topics:

female based erotica--photos, paintings, sketches, and video links are welcome

detective fiction

New York City history

Early 20th Century American history

Military History

Hollywood/film history

World War I espionage

This is an open ended list! Since I take an “impressionist approach” to the images and research I link to the iNovel, your work doesn’t have to match my plot line exactly to enhance the reader’s experience.

SO DON’T BE SHY! I love history, art, and movies. I promise I’ll review your work!

Where can I buy Butcher Boys & Gold Digger Girls?

You can buy it from the iTunes store by using an iPad, iPhone, Smartphone or any handheld electronic device with Internet capability. Just make sure the device allows you to access the hyperlinks in the text!

What if I want to read BB & GG on my laptop or PC?

I’m looking into a secure web site you’ll be able to log onto. If you know of any please contact me.

Can I get the BB & GG iNovel on my Kindle or Nook?

Not at the moment. The Kindle and Nook cannot support images or hyperlinks. When they do, I’ll look into it. It’s tempting to put out a print only version to get the exposure Amazon and Barnes & Noble can give, but first impressions are lasting and, like any other artist, I want my works displayed properly.

How much does it cost?

$6.99--only a dollar more than Amanda Hocking charges for her many of her electronic books. Remember, she’s not selling you an iNovel!

Is the BB & GG INovel copyrighted?

YES! Remember, I’m a small one man shop, so please don’t pirate for a lousy seven bucks

Thank you for your interest in Butcher Boys & Gold Digger Girls, the Sexy Spies & Sirens blog and the Prince of Mulberry iNovel series!

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Help me solve a murder mystery in 1920s New York City while there’s still time to save the pretty girl!

John Martello/Author

aka Marc Alexander/Private Eye