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Video Processing: John Dekron
Audio Processing: Peter Castine
Many Thanks: realities:united, Ulrike Brückner
 reali-tv deals with the use of almost ubiquitous high bandwidth information streams: Satellite TV. It is located at the intersection of two major ideas: On the one hand it exploits liveTV- intended to be the final product -and retrieves new raw material fur a further creative highly aesthetic (i.e. relevant), fast and subversive collage process. At the same time however it removes some boundaries which are often kept in artistic work.The machine unleashes a stream of images at such a rate and intensity that there is no time to reflect and to construct something like an artistic comment or conduct.The machine short circuits the world of commercial TV and the subversive dance club with all possible consequences.  

John Dekron,
07.03.2011, 06:38