Welcome to my Website

This is johndavies24.com, my site offering a helpful guide to free software, a page full of links and descriptions of websites I use, and hopefully other interesting and/or useful things.

A bunch of people I know often ask me for help so I figured I might as well put it all in one place.  So, pass it on to others in need.

About Me
I am from Bellevue, Washington, right outside of Seattle. Some interests of mine include science, technology and sports. I am a diehard Husky, Seahawk and Mariner fan and I miss my Sonics! I got my B.S. in Cell Biology & Neuroscience at Montana State University in 2008. Then I spent three years at the NIH in Washington, DC. Currently I am a PhD candidate in Immunobiology at the University of Arizona. 

The purpose of this site is gather together the software and websites I use and recommend to my friends and family who often ask for help. This is something that I will never be able to maintain properly.

If you have any suggestions fill out the contact box.

The last version of this website was so out of date that I just pulled it even though I haven't came close to finishing the transition.  You can find the old website here 

Where am I?