Crypticon Seattle 2009
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Trying to help out a Ghost Buster.

There were a lot of women in really cool duds.

Phantasm's Father: Don Coscarelli himself.

Two really nice ladies who liked an old short story collection (Dark Carnival)

The nicest guy on the PLANET: Michael Berryman.

Judi(my Babe) and the Berryman!

A few wild and crazy friends.And the winner is Leatherface!The Madam of Macabre Mansion interviewing Tom Atkins then me. The Mighty Doug JonesGiving a sales pitch & the display.

They grow-em tall around here!























The extremely classy Adrienne Barbeau and a starstruck Bob. 

Lloyd Kaufman the Mighty and one of his many Troma Girls!


The Wildman himself Ken Foree!


Attacked by three zombies!

A very cool guy who stopped by and entertained us.

The Ultimate Survivor: Adrienne King and a very starstruck Bob.