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A tour of a museum in Lebanon       Musee  Edward Nassar  in Lebanon
Jal-El-Dib, Beyrouth, Liban
Rahul Bushan  Hyderabad


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Protecting the web by Erik Friedl

Kiss the Animals goodbye

Power of Compassion
Presented by the John Corlette Society on Youtube

Patterns of Abuse:  exploding the cycle
Presented by the John Corlette Society on Youtube

Musee Edward Nassar

Aiglon 1971 the first Aiglon Film
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The Rule Book part 1

The Rule Book part 2, Rank System
Distinguish between the 20%  ... show the contribution and community spirit to ... reintroduce the concept.

Whitsunday, TS

Have you seen this recording with Iain Barraclough?   JC was off the radar...