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The “Procedures Kit” is provided on the CD for your convenience. All of the items here can be found on the Internet.

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The quote books and “thought for the day” folders are for you to print out.

All of these items are “creative commons” = please share them freely with colleagues.  If you quote from them, please indicate that you found the materials in the document distributed by The John Corlette Society,

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If you find helpful thoughts for the day or if you have other procedures that you can recommend, please send them to us.

The John Corlette Society has several goals:

a)    to spread the reading of JC’s 1973 speech

b)    to collect his writings and publish them widely in a variety of forms, including audio (like this audio CD)

c)     to identify four or five procedures that any school can implement, imbuing that school with the spirit of John Corlette

From the core guidelines of "delayed gratification" and "planned hardships," we can derive values and procedures:

 1. What do we value? Learning to appreciate nature. Procedure: Reward the students with points for spending time in nature.

 2. What do we value? Teenagers who know how to make conversation and see the good in each other. Procedure: Ask teachers to eat with the students, preferably lunch and dinner.

 3. What do we value? Time spent by teenagers thinking about big issues and important ideas. Procedure: A Thought for the Day. The entire school sits to listen to a short talk, usually given by a teacher, and then the group ponders the words for at least three minutes in silence.

 4. What do we value? Time spent by teachers and other adults with students outside the classroom. Students can see their teachers following passions away from academics. Procedure: The teacher leads an activity, usually an extracurricular club (chess, fencing, cultural expedition, field trips, weekend trip to another city, hike in nature).  

 5.  What do we value?   What a gift it would be to see ourselves as others see us.  Procedure:  A system to tell students what we see in them and underscore their moral evolution with awards.  Labels like “standard bearer” and “standard bearer candidate” communicate the level of responsibility that the student has achieved in the school community.

 If you can find other ways of describing procedures that evolve from the JC vision, contact

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